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Saturday sessions

Saturday sessions offers eight weeks of tuition, teaching a new skill each week, with time to practice and review.

We are offering a programme makers’ workshop aimed at those currently in full time education or at work, and who have aspirations in the Industry. Participants are often in full time education or work, and have aspirations to further their knowledge or to gain work in the industry.

The purpose is to up-skill participants in all aspects of factual (non-fiction) TV production and create one or more ‘packages’ that can be broadcast on Cambridge TV as part of our regular output.

Each session will be practical and project-based, working on specific items either sourced by the participants or derived from the mass of potential stories available to our research team and magazine producers.

Content will include:

• Camera skills for Broadcast quality presentation using Canon C100, Canon XA20 and XC10 kits
• Setting up a good interview, lighting, sound, vision, 1/2/3 camera shoot
• Getting the ’Top line’ right and assembling a good narrative
• Asking good questions on camera. Probing and follow-up
• Editing: Getting the best from Final Cut Pro or Adobe
• Editing: Learning how to edit to broadcast standards – finding the narrative
• Location sound and post production fixes
• Presentation skills, studio practice and reading from a teleprompter
• Studio skills: Cameras, mixing rather than editing, lighting, scheduling and broadcast
• How to plan and make a good short documentary piece (theory & practice)
• Treatments, scripts and pitching ideas for programmes
• Producing and directing. What’s expected and how does one perform these roles

We tend to organise each session around particular themes and topics, for example, making programmes in a presenter-led fast-paced style, organising a studio discussion, planning and shooting a short op doc, and so on.

The nature of the activities will be flexed to suit the skills, abilities and interests of the participants whilst ensuring that we cover the topics listed above. Wherever possible we will work with current topical content with a view to creating material that can be broadcast – thereby generating credits for the course participants.

Participants are welcome to bring their own cameras and laptops but the studios and camera kits from Cambridge TV will be available for use on the course.

Sessions will commence promptly at 10.00 on consecutive Saturdays and run to 17.30.

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September course

Starts: 22 September 2018

Half term: 27 October 2018

Ends: 17 November 2018

Price: £550

January course

Starts: 26 January 2019

Half term: 23 February 2019

Ends: 23 March 2019

Price: £550

May course

Starts: 4 May 2019

Half term: 1 June 2019

Ends: 29 June 2019

Price: £550

If you want more information on our course or to have a tour of our facilities, please contact us here:

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